Friday, 15 December 2017

Australia's child sexual abuse problem


In Australia, a 5 year probe into child sexual abuse has concluded that institutions in the country had failed to protect children. The abuse extended to the handling of kids in schools, churches and sports clubs over years. On the Australian natal chart, any Astrologer could have pointed this out years ago.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Astrology of the Day – Mercury conjunct Venus – Friday 15th December 2017

times square

The Moon has its second day in Scorpio and we will be emotionally involved in whatever we are trying to do. You'll throw yourself in fully, and on the outside no-one will be in any doubt that you mean business. We may show a sense that we are in control and know what we are doing but the Moon in Scorpio tends to hide our real emotions beneath the surface, and we may leave our true intentions hidden away.

The Moon initially in the morning starts to form a sextile to Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio. There is a need to delve beneath the surface now and investigate whatever is going on, there is a sleuth like intensity that this sextile has that will find the answer in any situation, come what may. If we do get the answer we want we will feel good about ourselves, but if not, we will keep on digging until we do. There is steely determination here, to find answers, and a need to be in control.

Later on in the day the Moon forms a simultaneous trine to Chiron and an inconjunct to Uranus and a sudden turnaround in a situation can actually help us solve an issue that may have been bothering us for some time. The Moon conjunct to Uranus can bring about unpredictable emotional reactions that may confound or shock others, and a rather icy cold response that might be taken by them to mean that you don't care about a situation, whereas actually you will do. The trine to Chiron is much warmer and soothing though, and through this aspect we can find the correct responses to indicate that we do actually sympathise and have solutions to hand.

Throughout the day Mercury moving retrograde makes a conjunction with Venus in Sagittarius. If you want to get your message out to people today, this is the aspect to do it under. Venus in Sagittarius is socially expansive and Mercury in combination with Venus allows us to get our message in a pleasing manner to as wide an audience as possible, perfect if you want to advertise something. We can be diplomatic and find the right words for the situation that we find ourselves in, and there may be a flair for expressing ourselves in a confident and optimistic way. There is an appreciation of beauty and design in this combination, and this is a natural link up to create via clever and thoughtful language, and colourful artistic means. As Mercury is retrograde we may rely on projects and things we created in the past, or we may go back to finish something that was never completed first time around.

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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Astrology of the Day – Venus conjunct Ras Algethi - Thursday 14th December 2017


The Moon is in the sign of Scorpio all day with the effect that there is an emotional honesty and integrity to everything we do. There is a powerful intensity present today and more than in other signs we will tend to sense what is right and correct in advance of logic and reasoning. We also will go full on for anything we set our hearts on, there are no half measures when the sign of Scorpio is involved.

The Moon makes a trine to Neptune today and here we have great imagination and sensitivity to add to the strong intuition and feelings. There is great power here and it can be used in a variety of ways. Through using vision and inspiration we can create from the depths of our souls, we may make a sacrifice to keep something going strongly, we may be be incredibly sensitive to suffering and we may go to extreme lengths to help someone. We may be brought to tears with emotions via music, a film or a performance or we may dream and so incredibly deeply that we believe that the things we saw were real. There may be an intense need to escape and hide away if the situation facing us is difficult.

The Moon moves on to form a conjunction with Jupiter later in the day, and we are overtaken by a lovely joyous vibe. Jupiter is the most fortunate of all the planets and in the sign of Scorpio it really wants to experience everything to the limit. We will have an urge to investigate, to learn and study something to a high level, when we go out we will want to have a full on evening, we will be generous to the hilt and whatever the situation we will show our emotions in an expansive and over the top fashion. We are very forgiving too and if anyone makes a mistake in our presence, yes we won't be happy, but we will be able to give them the benefit of the doubt so long as they themselves are honest and admit that they were in the wrong.

Venus on this day is in conjunction with the fixed star Ras Algethi. This star sits in the head of the kneeling figure in the sky, Hercules. This constellation was seen on bended knee to the great Bear and Dragon in the skies, almost in deference to their greater power and “godliness”, and in the same way we as humans have to bow to mother nature, her power and what she gives us to survive. This conjunction is very much concerned with the order of things on our earth and Venus in conjunction brings the planet of relationships and values with this influence. My sense with this conjunction is that we will very much focus on ecological and environmental concerns today, and our relationship with the earth. How we value the earth we live on, what we grow and how we gain from it, plus the damage that we are causing to it too. There may be an increased focus on global warming, or pollution or conserving habitats so that the balance of the earth and the species that live upon it can be maintained.

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