Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Mercury opposite to Mars - Releasing the pressure


Ok everyone, get ready for more fireworks tomorrow as Mars retrograde in Scorpio opposes Mercury in stubborn Taurus. This is going to be a showdown in the fixed signs between the planet of the mind and of communication and the planet of action and aggression, which retrograde in Scorpio is harbouring deep deep resentment and irritation. Mars is not happy retrograde in Scorpio as all that action and anger that is normally allowed to flow in the sign Mars used to rule is being stored up internally. It's like the water bubbling and boiling within a pressure cooker until the pressure reaches it's limit, and then the steam blasts out.

9th June

The opposition here shows potential verbal conflict as old wounds and irritations come to a head and "boom", an explosion occurs. The fixed signs indicate issues coming under pressure that have entrenched positions, neither side wants to move or adjust and so they just snipe insults or fire rockets at each other.

Tomorrow is going to be one of those tricky days, so watch out for verbal battles and disagreements and try and keep your cool. Mercury rules transport and the press too, so transport accidents may occur through too much speed, there may be sensational investigations that break in the press, or there may be fire and/ or mechanical technical faults.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Your Personal Horoscope for 7th until 13th June 2016

Horoscopes are written weekly and are shorter than in the past, but will be published more often. I am putting then up for both Sun and Ascendant signs so if you know both that affect you, you have two forecasts to read…

Aries/Aries Rising –  For you Aries, the week probably begins with enforced changes in your profession as both the Sun and Venus make difficult angles to Pluto. Power struggles may incur, but you probably won’t be in a position to do anything about this. Indeed this could be a feisty week as Mars and Mercury oppose across your financial axis and money issues or those of personal values hit home; the ideas others have may not be as crazy as they first seem. Towards the end of the week there are chances for new beginnings and opportunities for fun and romance, keep your eyes open and grab opportunities if they arise.  

Taurus/Taurus Rising – Fundamental differences in what you believe in or value differ from someone else’s ideas and views early this week, and you may have to back down or adapt your stance on things. Be careful not to inflame the situation by speaking out of turn, especially on Thursday, as tensions could rise between you and a partner. Healing energy can come from your friends and their input could be crucial in calming things down, so accept their help if they offer. A chance for you to be useful or to enlist your skills could arise at the weekend so don’t hold back in doing a good deed for someone else too.

Gemini/Gemini Rising – There is a fundamental personal change early this week for you Gemini and this may be caused by the indiscretions of others or someone influential putting you in an impossible situation. Keep your thoughts and words to yourself now and try to see the opposite point of view, especially at work. Health and welfare matters may also be prominent now, will you be challenged to be more conscientious about this part of your life? A social occasion with people you know may lighten the mood as the weekend approaches, so take advantage of any sudden invites you receive. 

Cancer/Cancer Rising – This week a medical, spiritual, psychological or even a deceptive issue may impact on a relationship and you may have to readjust your attitudes to cope with the new information that comes your way. This is a week of cut and thrust and your role in a team or group may have an impact on your individual aims, try not to dominate otherwise you may create enemies. At the end of the week you may instinctively want to stay in the shadows, but the reality of the situation may mean that you have to act in a more public way. Elderly or experienced people may actually point you in the right direction. 

Leo/Leo Rising – A change of routine or a break in the norm may be caused by the intervention of a friend or a collective commitment that you are tied to or it maybe that a hidden or upsetting issue with someone in your work environment that causes a huge adjustment to be made instead. In the middle of the week your home life may become public knowledge or a family discussion turns somewhat heated. The weekend looks much more favourable for you and after this week you will need to let your hair down a bit. Don’t let the occasion pass you by. 

Virgo/Virgo Rising – Might it be a good move now to be more creative and influential in your work environment Virgo? You can help restructure things on a professional basis that can help you get on better, plus you or others may benefit from your insight too. You’ll still have to bite your tongue if you get delayed in getting on from your duties or if your ideas are not taken seriously, you could also get irritated or upset on your travels or errands that you have to do. Can you keep a secret this weekend, I’m not sure that you can? It’s a time to experiment and have fun, but also to be discreet about it.

Libra/Libra Rising – This week you really can open out to different ideas and ways of doing things and what will be revealed may open out a brand new path to you. You want to learn and take on board fresh ideas and now is a perfect time to spread your wings Librans. Despite the openness that the planets promise, you have to keep a lid on your finances and especially on those who owe you and what you have to pay out, so take steps in making others know what’s expected and review your own spending patterns. An opportunity may appear from someone who’s close, so be sure to take up their advise.   

Scorpio/Scorpio Rising – Matters of an intimate or controlling nature can really shake things up in your world now and what you say and how you act will have a profound impact on others, so be mindful of what you do. Indeed even past actions and words said will have a direct impact on relationships and partnerships and in mid-week a battle of wits and/or words may break out in your life. Keep your cool to have the strongest impact. This weekend brings up a perfect opportunity to shake up your daily routine/fitness regime or the urge to get back to nature, so get on that treadmill and start getting yourself in shape, or alternatively head for the countryside and get out of town.     

Sagittarius/Sagittarius Rising – Partnership issues are plunged into deep and permanent change this week and you will have to cope with a new set of rules and/or values after everything is opened out to you. There will be internal frustrations and potential sacrifices that have to be made now and as well as that your daily routine will face new obstacles that will have to be overcome, work colleagues may pose matters to you that have to be dealt with. The only break from this tough environment you find yourself in will be this weekend when you can let go and free yourself from restrictions, so be true to your Sagittarian spirit and live life to the full.

Capricorn/Capricorn Rising –  This week I think focuses on matters of service and what you can do for others and in making yourself available you can also change yourself? You have a duty Capricorns to get on with the less interesting and mundane tasks, but sometimes it’s what’s needed to get the job done. Maybe in mid-week you can get more joy from outside of work interests and there seems to be a very competitive edge that will come over you. Don’t let that will to win overcome your better judgement. Your home environment needs a shake up, so maybe a good idea this coming weekend to get on with DIY tasks or making your abode feel better and more to your liking?   

Aquarius/Aquarius Rising – The urge to enjoy yourself Aquarians is very strong at this moment but will matters with kids, lovers or creative differences cause too much of a stir for you to really relax? A lot is going on behind the scenes and you may have to unwillingly react to it. Much may be on your mind too about your home/work balance and be careful not to speak out of turn, it may be more trouble than it’s worth to do so. Relations with neighbours and close relatives are better though and a surprise invite from them may turn out to be a blessing in disguise?   

Pisces/Pisces Rising – Do you relax at home now or do you socialise and have a good time? Your decisions now may affect a friendship or the membership of a group or club, so think carefully before committing yourself to a course of action. Your differences may be over a matter or principle and I would steer clear of poking a stick into a hornet’s nest, especially in regard to matters of law, belief or of racial terms, it’s easy to offend this week. You impulsive side may also come out if you need to purchase something. Your tastes are off the wall now and what you buy today you may regret tomorrow, so take your time and choose wisely; you may be delighted at what you eventually find.

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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Muhammad Ali – A look back at the horoscope of the greatest heavyweight boxer of all time.


Last night the news came in that one of the most iconic sports personalities ever had passed away. Muhammad Ali had the most amazing life, from growing up from poor roots in Kentucky, to conquering the world in the boxing ring with skill and grace, in standing up for his chosen religion & dealing with a degenerative and incapacitating illness. Muhammad Ali remains one of the most awe inspiring people in sport and a name that will live on through the ages. Looking at his astrology chart, I want to try and dig a little deeper to try to explain why he was “simply the greatest”.

Friday, 3 June 2016

France - A country not at peace with herself...


La belle France is very much in the news right now. They are suffering union strikes affecting the delivery of fuel to garages causing a national transportation crisis and floods across the country are also causing disruption and worry. Add this into the fact that in one week the Euro 2016 football championships are due to be held in France and thousands of football fans from across the continent will be travelling to the nation and there seems to be a perfect storm brewing there.


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