Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A New Moon in Aries, but it’s back to the future…


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It's the new Moon in Aries today, a time for new beginnings and start-ups, however it's connected to Venus retrograde so matters of reviewed relationships and financial matters connected to former situations should be in the news, and they are in the UK in a very visible way...

Today we have the roll out of the new one pound coin, a beautiful 12 sided coin harking back the old threepence or threepenny bit which was discontinued as the UK converted to decimal currency in 1971. This new pound coin is in circulation in the UK today, and the old pound coin is discontinued on 15th Oct this year. That's the financial angle of this new Moon.


The relationship angle of this new Moon in Aries comes in the triggering of Article 50 tomorrow, starting the Brexit process of the UK leaving the European Union over a 2 year period. This will be the biggest formal divorce case in modern history, a shattered relationship that at the same time leads to a new start for the UK.

Who says that Astrology doesn't matter and isn't relevant to the real world and to all of us? These two situations at the time of a New Moon show that it most certainly is...

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Monday, 27 March 2017

Saturn square Chiron - Time to go with the tide



We are approaching the 2nd connection in a series of three as Chiron in Pisces moves forward to form a square aspect with Saturn in Sagittarius, the planet of wounds and subsequent healing making a tension riddled and difficult square to Saturn, the planet of restriction, loss and hard lessons learned. Just from those two descriptions you can probably see the effects of this square coming into being. The next exact hit (the first one was over the Christmas holidays on 28th December) occurs on 30th April at 27.19 degrees Sagittarius/Pisces, although the effects of it will already be starting to make themselves evident, as this square is now just over 2 degrees from being exact and continuing day on day to close in. There is an extra complication in all this too, as Venus retrograde joins in the mix from mid April onwards.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

New Moon 28th March 2017 - A crunch point in the Venus retrograde cycle


New moon

The New Moon on Tuesday is in the sign of Aries the first one in the zodiac connected with the self, new beginnings and taking a positive step forward and this is very appropriate for a New Moon as they themselves are the start of a new Astrological cycle. New moons ask you to set an intention for the future and they can be initiators of brand new experiences in all our lives.

Saturday, 4 March 2017

George W Bush - From President to compassionate artist.


George Bush apinting

Hi everyone. My Astrological topic this morning is a very warming and heartfelt one, the budding artist that is former President of the United States, George W Bush. He has issued through a book several paintings of war veterans who lost limbs and suffered life threatening injuries, ones who went into battle under his leadership.


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