Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Astrology of the Day – Wednesday 18th October 2017

The Moon today is travelling in the sign of relating to others, Libra, and the energy today will be focused off of ourselves and what we need and directed onto those of other people. Libra as a sign can also be quite partisan in it's requirement for justice and equality, and if we see things are out of balance, we will tend to fight to redress any inequality.

Now the Moon also links up with Venus in it's home sign and we may feel much love and sympathy through this meeting, and we get a sense of the calm after the storm. Venus is a planet of diplomacy and pleasure, and the temptation either to be a mediator or just to do nothing at all will come over us, depending how the energy takes us. This is a lazy kind of day while these two are in contact, one where we may seek the easy way out of and pressing situation. This could occur though as the Sun is now opposing Uranus and making a difficult angle to Chiron, so there is an air of unpredictability still hanging around, and the temptation to take the alternative path or route when trying to achieve any objective is strong, even if for some it is not exactly what they wish for.

There is also another melding of forces in the cosmos as Mercury and Jupiter link up in the early degrees of Scorpio. Whenever these two connect, we always look at the bigger picture, the grand solution, big promises can be made without thinking of the smaller ramification that may occur. One senses from the position of the planets that we will be looking for the all encompassing way of doing things and we won't care about the consequences. There is danger in taking an attitude that is too “laissez faire”, so keep your eye on the ball and remember not to let things get too out of hand... 

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Astrology of the Day – Tuesday 17th October 2017

The Moon is in the latter degrees of Virgo today and the rather reserved and logical emotions that the sign of Virgo will be superseded as it makes a series of links to many of the outer planets.

First up, the Moon squares Saturn and this link is on of caution, maybe even of fear in some respects. There is a tendency for pessimism, negativity or scepticism early in the day, as if you don't quite believe what is going on. The Moon then goes on to form an opposition to Chiron, and a difficult angle to Uranus as it connects with the planet of action and aggression Mars.

There is a lot of stress in these connections and how you use this energy is important. There is a lot of impetus for sudden change, and if this is what you need then you can benefit through striving to adjust your position or attitudes and generally go with the flow. If you fight against the prevailing conditions, then there is a possibility to fly off the handle, to emotionally explode causing the potential for you to be hurt or for you to hurt someone in your line of fire. Be mindful of this if things aren't going the way you want them to go.

Within your state of mind, you will be seeking something deeper and more meaningful now with Mercury moving into the sign of Scorpio, and it's time to come down of the fence, make your mind up and trust your instincts much more in the next few weeks. The answers to the questions you pose to others need not be the ones that you want, but so long as they are truthful, wholehearted and well reasoned, it's best to take them with grace and a sense of acceptance. The aim of the energy today is to achieve something constructively rather than destructively, so remain clam and focused if the storm that is predicted changes direction to face you head on...

Monday, 16 October 2017

Harvey Weinstein - From Hollywood hero to zero

I have to say straight up that when I heard the news last week about Harvey Weinstein, I was naturally shocked, disgusted, and yet not that surprised. That's because in my time in working at London Heathrow Airport I actually had the dubious pleasure of encountering him. He was one of the, if not the most awkward, demanding and egotistical clients that I had ever dealt with. I was left with a sense of unease and utter relief after he had gone to his flight back to Los Angeles. My feeling was this was not a nice man, and when I have a feeling about someone, I'm often not so far from the truth.

Astrology of the Day – Monday 16th October 2017

The Moon continues it's journey within the confines of Virgo today and our needs today are more practical ones, such as running errands, keeping things tidy and in order, getting on with the routines that shape our daily lives, indeed we should feel happy if we are keeping ourselves occupied and useful to others.

That said, there is potential confusion or disruption in the air first thing as the Moon opposes Neptune. All will not be as it seems, initially at least as Neptune muddies the waters, possibly causing us worry and concern. Clarity will come later as the Moon links up with Pluto, allowing us to sort the wood from the trees, and work to out what is really going on.

Now disruption and potential accidents colour this day with Mars making a difficult angle to the planet of shocks, Uranus. Be just a little careful, as the unexpected can happen on this Monday, especially if you are taking a chance, trying to rush or cut too many corners, there is potential danger in the air. It may be wise to keep your options open today too, as the course you set out on in your actions and intentions may not necessarily be the one you end up travelling along...


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